Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy in the Land of the Living

Well, we've been struggling to keep ourselves afloat, but we're still truckin'. Possible DJ gigs in New York to come. I'll keep you posted and keep on posting. Here is a recent mix I made involving things that we at Let There have been listening to. Enjoy.

Lindstrøm and Christabelle - Looking For What
Goldfrapp - Alive (Joakim vocal mix)
Diskjokke - 1987 (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound remix)
World's End Press - Golden Child
Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven (Minigroove 45 remix)
Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want to be Like You (The Twelves re-edit)
M - Pop Muzik (Todd Terje remix)
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (Psychemagik edit)
YACHT - Psychic City (Classixx remix)
Aeroplane - We Can't Fly
CFCF - Invitation to Love