Monday, June 23, 2008


The last week of my life was spent in the one and only city that is Paris, France. Wednesday the 18th was Institubes Respect Terror Club hosted by Ete D'Amour. For the French superstars some of you may know as Institubes, "IDOL POP IDOL" music is their bread and butter. To skip any indie-scenester-pitchfork-wahwah-analysis, INSTITUBES tore it up: they opened up the asshole, went inside, spray-painted "Institubes: We Were Here," opened the asshole back up, got out, and closed it. Inclduded Parisien Djs were Bobmo, Das Glow, David Rubato, Surkin, Jean Nippon, Tacteel, Para One, Orgasmic, and Teki Latex.

Here's my favorite set of the night, by the man running shit at Institubes, Jean Nippon. He's a tech master; his fingers were always on some nob. By the way, the French love MGMT, and no, I don't mean the Electric Feel remix by Justice. Merely listen to the crowd in the Jean Nippon set . . . And on the same note, much love to three ladies from Davis, Saraswathi, Emma, and Hayley who told me about MGMT before anyone in the world knew about them.

Jean Nipon @ Institubes Respect Terror Club

Bonus: Has anyone heard this? KidzbyColette blocked the download . . .

MGMT - Electric Feel - Justice Remix

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday the 13th

What God Looks Like As a DJ

Ever since Upper Cuts came out, I've been simply enchanted by the songs of Alan Braxe and have desperately wished to hear them in a dance venue. Granted, I don't go out all that much, but as much as I have kept on this iconic electronic musician, I have never heard him being played for the dance floor freaks in the United States. I died when I heard Rubicon, was reborn when I heard his Bossy remix, and reborn two times over when I heard his obscure side group project Defender's two songs; I heard all this in the own comforts of my home. But all that is about to change: what better way to hear the golden hits of Alan Braxe than by going to see him DJ? That's right, the unspeakable has happened. I didn't think this guy even toured outside of France, let alone in my own hometown. Alan Braxe will be DJing Friday the 13th at the Mezzanine in San Francisco alongside the equally wonderful Lifelike. Advance tickets are only 10 dollars. I probably would have paid 30 to see him--the music just sounds better with Alan Braxe.

Defender - Bliss

Kelis - Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix)

Lifelike - So Electric

Incidentally, Tom's of Maine now makes long-lasting deodorant, as opposed to their previous two-second lasting deodorant. Better get some before tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Growing Up To Say I Don't Want to Grow Up

Pic: Facebook

According to many people, it's summer. As far as music goes, summer is always the best time for music and releases. Ice cream likes to melt, all the girls want the sun. Look around -- who's not wearing Wayfarers? What will France bestow upon us this time of the year? Maybe the more important question is what will Australia bring us this summer? Headliners Midnight Juggernauts, The Presets, and Cut Copy have all recently put out albums, so is it time for the underdogs to make an impression? Maybe the dream team for France will be Valerie. Here are two songs that we stole from blogger-fave Mass Hyperbole that are perfect for summertime, a couple drinks, more laughs, a tank-top night, a hot headache in the morning. Roll over and fall back asleep.

Don't tell us we haven't warned you about Breakbot. Original friend and music experimenter to Xavier de Rosnay (Justice) in high-school, Thibaut Berland now puts out bass-driven funk numbers that cry for a vocalist. That's all true until he remixes someone like Pacific!

Pacific! - Hold Me - Breakbot Remix

A few blogs back, we finally spilled the billion dollar news that is Valerie, the best kept French secret. The blog has been around, and their artist collective is now making the Valerie hallmark prominent. Case and point - The Outrunners Remix of Alternative Reality. Hipster Runoff - Only five comments on that post. WTF? Totally underrepresented by HRO readers, especially for a High Rec'd duo like The Outrunners.

Alternative Reality - Get Away - The Outrunners Remix