Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saving It For A Rainy Day

I would really, really like to see more from Chateau Marmont. I really didn't pay attention to them when they seemed like flavors of the month, but I downloaded promos just in case. They're music seems to be sophisticated because of it's softness and melodical structures that differ but intertwine in their music. Right know there are two schools dominating blog house: the ravey Crookers and Bloody Beetroots stuff, or the softer yacht house of Aeroplane, Ted and Francis, etc. and Chateau Marmont may be swinging the fervor further to the latters' side.

Chateau Marmont - Maison Klaus (alt)
Chateau Marmont - Beagle (alt)

Datarock - Give It Up (Chateau Marmont Remix) (alt)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Michael Jackson has passed away. For somebody I had never met, I felt suprisingly devastated after hearing the news. This is probably mostly generational, I've known of him all my life and am half his age. He is the king of pop, a genre that can't exist anymore without his influence and that cannot be but defined by him. A complete entertainer, he had a voice that was gentle and soft but fierce and strong at the same time filled with idiosyncratic coos and gasps. He was out of this world with his dancing, rhythmically astounding with moonwalks, breakdances, tiptoe stands and twists. His music was so crystal clear in its purpose, and in its best manifestations, his songs were an arrangement of influences that created the template for all of pop to follow. With those tools, he has shaped entire generations. In a time of hardship for his native country, his passing can be used to remind people of how the man in the mirror reflects his culture through his life, both the highs and the lows. Michael Jackson lived the American dream in that he came from a background uncommon for success and was able to use his talent to stand alone in history. He lived it as a black man, and later as a white man, as young boy and as an adult; He was blessed in that he was supremely talented, which led to fame, fortune, critical acclaim, and one of a kind stature; he loved and was extremely loved by his fans and those who knew him best. He was a private person, shy, recluse, traits that became weakenesses under the intense overexposure of the media, especially when the accusations of child molestation came to light. Whether the accusations were truthful or not will not come to discussion here, but Michael was never seen in the same light ever again. These trials and tribulations, successes and condecorations are part of the American cultural landscape. His life has now become most important in helping us understand how great we can fly and how hard we can fall, how we can be synonimous with greatness and riddled by demons conjured by our inner selves and society. Michael thrived because of the culture and was ultimately worn down by it until the day of his death. His death brings comparisons to Elvis, the unique figure of his generation. They bear more similarities than I care to acknowledge, but they differ in causation; at the time of his death, Elvis was a barrier breaker, bringing a black music genre to the white masses that would only continue to grow after him. But MJ was a barrier maker, by being a unique performer and synchronizing pop and RnB music to great success, setting the standard for others to follow, one that seems impossible for anyone to reach. He has defined a cultural era for the world, and in a time of global re-evaluation, he has passed on. In some ways I'm glad as he can finally be at peace, away from all his internal troubles and as well as the external social machinations that sucked his magic in order to sell tabloids and magazines. Now, people will not focus on his troubles, but on his incomparable musical legacy, which is still there for all to behold and remember. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (alt)
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (alt)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Without Michael

RIP Michael Jackson.

June 25th, a day that will go down in infamy--MJ passed away this afternoon from cardiac arrest at the UCLA Medical Center. Last I heard fans and mourners were already showing up in costume. Rest assured, he's in a better place now. As for the rest of us, thus begins our Summer Without Michael.

Michael Jackson - PYT (U-Tern edit)

Michael Jackson - PYT (Marquis remix)

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Telemitry remix)

Michael Jackson - Can't Help It (Todd Terje remix) (alt)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I find it hard to believe that Hollywood can't do better to revive the adventure genre other than National Treasure. What a crock.

Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool (Thin White Duke Remix) (alt)
Burns - Heartbeats (Extended Version) (alt)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Restless Desire

Lately I feel like doing a lot of stuff and not a lot at all. Like wanting to write a letter to the Iranian embassy and asking to express my utmost concern for the violent eruptions during protests in their country, getting myself a green band, buying a little notebook in order to put all my ideas down on paper about everything that goes on in my head, looking into planning my vacation, etc. Summer is having a good effect on me in my positive mood but not in an execution that would maintain it. In any case, here's a couple of songs to keep your ears occupied:

The Lowbrows - Dream In The Desert (Flight Facilities Remix) (alt)
Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (The Aspirins Remix For My Children Remix) (alt)

P.S. That is the 30th Anniversary Mobile Suit Gundam 60 ft life-size replica (RX-78-2 for those who are fans of the series). If you are in Japan, go check it out.

P.P.S. How cool is it that it glows at nite?!?

Monday, June 22, 2009


Have been searching the interwebz for SONAR videos, and of course, for the SebastiAn live set from last friday. Suffice it to say no one has really unleashed a video that shows anything new in full, though I'm sure it will surface. It looks like it was fun regardless:

P.S. That is Busy P handing out masks on the last one...

BONUS: Boys Noize - Starter (alt) Thanks LAFriendly

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Love W/ The Disco Siren

Just this morning--I swear to god--I envisioned a YouTube battle, wherein the audience attends a theater performance and 15 to 20 of the most well-versed YouTube VJ's play the funniest, most interesting, most obscure YouTube videos. The competition would be arranged spelling bee/freestyle-rap style where he or she who plays a foul video gets kicked off, preferably with an elongated shepherd's staff. The one who gets the best crowd reaction would win--I would easily pay upwards of $5 for a show like that. Well, you've heard of Girl Talk, now get ready for DrewTube: the next generation of mashups.

Lovin' the ecstatic look on Ronald McDonald's face. Kickin off the show is Rupaul and Bag Raiders' "Shooting Stars." Comment with your favorite obscure YouTube clips. Thanks to Amir for the find!

Missed Connections

Damn, I didn't know Alan Braxe ripped that infectious melody on "Intro" from obscure R&B group The Jets? Has anyone already pointed this out? Check it out.

The Jets - Crush On You
(alt) (youtube) - around 2'30

Alan Braxe - Intro

Monday, June 8, 2009

Right On Time

I needed this Turbo Love EP to drop, cuz Bag Raiders is usually a breath of fresh air, nevermind that it's a remix EP. I guess Flight Facilities are go, heard a lot about them most everywhere and there's a general excitement surrounding them. Check this out and tell us what you think:

Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Flight Facilities featuring Louis Austen Business Class Lounge Version) (alt)


Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Shinichi Osawa Remix) (alt)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'll Do That Guy

I always thought that Space Cowboy and Tiga have, at the very least, some aesthetic similarities as well as sharing the spotlight as eccentric pop singer personalities, closer to the term divas than anything else. In any case I rediscovered these two songs while sifting through music, and I couldn't help but put two and two together. See if you agree with me:

The Space Cowboy - I Would Die For You (alt)
Tiga - Hot in Herre (alt)

Other cool similarities involving just Tiga can be found between this and this, though THIS is just plain brilliant.


Tiga - Shoes (Mr Oizo Remix) (alt)