Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 4 Corners of the Universe

The roads of the universe converge at the intersection of four letters: MGMT. They're receiving all the attention from the best names in the business, so that means we have to blog about them. Here's the latest leak from Soulwax, a live rip of their Nite Version of "Kids." As for me, I'll have to hear the high-quality version before I can fully judge, but "Kids" has some big footsteps to fill after "Standing in the Way of Control" and "Gravity's Rainbow." Let's hope this comes close.

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Version live)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Take Me Outside Tonight

So far it's proved to be kinda hard to really remix the duo down in the management department, MGMT, as Justice have shown. While adding their brilliant signature hard-lectro-core sound, they didn't really do anything too groundbreaking to the group's number one single, "Electric Feel." Aeroplane take the song in a different direction, namely a disco one, but it remains to be seen if the sound will stick. If anything, it gives you a chance to hear the song that's been on your mind all summer from a different angle. See what you think.

MGMT - Electric Feel (Aeroplane remix)

Tonight there were hundreds of kidz walking in pairs through Golden Gate park to the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. Such greats as Jack Johnson, Tom Petty, Ben Harper and... yawn, someone get me a smokey dance floor, a bottle of Jameson and a straw and let's rock like it's 2012. Feel the juice with the newest leak from the Boyses Noises.

Late of the Pier - Focker (Boys Noize remix preview)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Soulwax Remix

There's a couple minutes before I must jump into my automobile and head off to work, so let's squeeze in this post. Soulwax Remix of Chemical Brothers' "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" was released today. To be fair, I was an original fan of the Chemical Brothers. "Block Rockin' Beats" was a compulsory listen, while "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" had a video that jolted my former Catholic upbringing. What could possibly be the first video I downloaded illegally, long before Napster, and decades before any sign of Youtube? It was "Hey Boy Hey Girl;" the ugly school girl turns into a bombshell fox and stars fucking in a club, plus the dancing skeletons. The British must be high all the time: that's no compliment. This remix is "ok." It's nowhere near on par with Gravity's Rainbow. The question that remains is: Where's the MGMT - Kids remix? One of the brothers from Soulwax, Dave, said the few copies a couple of DJs have are only demos, and no official release date has been set. In the meantime, give this tune a whirl.

Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Soulwax Remix

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Symmetry Along a Cemetary Wall

"A horror of life, and an ecstatic joy in life."

In the early morning hours the owl by my house began to hoot. Still in my dream state I understood why the owl has traditionally been associated with the virtue of wisdom. The owl's call is an unchanging sentence of three parts, beginning with an introduction crescendo: hruu-oohh-aah, forming the catholic inquisition encompassing all the questions that had arisen thus far in my dream. The call then answers itself with two "hoos" which express the duality of all life, that to every question two responses can equally suffice. But I half-dreamt half-philosophized that I still was not satisfied. What did the owl mean to tell me? In my dream I hooted back, a call of my own: words, antonyms and synonyms, a rise in tone and a final, vocal punctuation mark. A few seconds followed, as though the owl were considering my statement, turning it over in his mind. In that time, I realized why the owl conversed only in the morning, the only time of day when dream and reality are not yet separate and distinct: in the time when you may confuse what actually happened with what you dreamed, the owl has furtively gained its place into personification that seems superior to other creatures. Now, the owl was ready for its final response. It answered in the same, three-part call it had opened with, but I understood what he meant: an answer is already contained in every question.

Check out how Yuksek reinterprets M83's pop song "Graveyard Girl." Now this is the kind of music I expect to hear in a graveyard.

M83 - Graveyard Girl (Yuksek remix)

Breaking news: Justice don't know who the Jonas Brothers are. WTF? No, but seriously, check out Pitchfork's revealing interview with Justice. They talk about how they don't consider themselves musicians by nature; because of technology they don't really have to write songs, just like they didn't have to know how to paint to be graphic designers. Or how they're not doing remixes except for friends (so that's what "We Are Your Friends" was about). So the question must be asked: what's up with their Stevie Wonder snippet (see: Mass Hyperbole, as if you haven't already).

Also dig this summer anthem: Aeroplane completely remix a Shortwave Set tune. Here in San Francisco, things are just heating up.

The Shortwave Set - Now 'til 69 (Aeroplane remix)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kavinsky - 1986

Kavinsky is a terrible DJ. He will admit it himself. Despite this insurmountable fact, he has produced some of more memorable tracks of this recent French wave. In a sea full doppelgangers, his songs are faithful with character, all of which point to and paint the hypnotizing schema on which the dead zombie "Kavinsky" rests. Testarossa Autodrive has one of the longest half-lives and one can still shake his head when the SebastiAn remix appears. Recently, he was elected to become a Fool's Gold artist, the label run by the ami francophone A-Trak. Kavinsky's latest EP "Blazer," a regurgitation of previously released tracks, save 1986, will be released soon. Here's the only track we haven't heard yet, at least not boot-legged.

Kavinsky - 1986

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy - Danger Remix

We're slightly late, but this one slipped out real quiet. Where's all the hype? This guy has been putting a sound so truly original, one that does not come often. It appears as though this "scene" that has been tremendous for the last three years is slowly taking an exit. And one must ask: what will replace it? The answer to this question, until its arrival, is as good as the empty question. We must all wait for another Waters of Nazareth EP, and when it hits it will be infinitely unexpected. I don't see a successor, really, but keeping fingers cross never hurt no one.

Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy - Danger Remix

Thanks RCRD LBL ;) ;)

Remember when no one knew Midnight Juggernauts, and you were the only at Cannes jumping up and down in glee to Shadows, wildly yelling the song lyrics, annoying everyone in the immediate vicinity? They thought: "This guy is an idiot, he should relax and save his energy for Justice." Then the impact of several Gin drinks and three Mickeys 40oz sent me outside to stand (lean against) the beach wall, marveling at the San Diego children who couldn't get into the venue because of their age. In a big way, they had more fun standing outside than the boring fat girls inside the venue.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Seems like a new direction for the label. Let's see where it goes:

Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music

Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music (Riton Remix)

The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful - Sebastian Remix

As recently promised: we got our hands on SebastiAn's strange remix of The Kills. Strange, because it came out of nowhere, and SebastiAn has been a strange guy himself lately. What's with this guy's remix output / no LP status? Has anyone seen the artwork for the cover of his remix album? Is SO-ME going for a 3rd grade look? I'm really curious as to what SebastiAn has been up to lately. His gigs on his Myspace are becoming fewer and fewer. We can't help our concern-- SebastiAn is the black hole of this blog.

The Kills - Cheap & Cheerful - Sebastian Remix