Friday, April 24, 2009

Running On Empty

I know I am, but so is Justice.

Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule 2009 (Justice Remix) (alt) REMOVED CUZ THEY TOOK THE POST DOWN

So far this year, more misses than hits for them, though I liked their influence on this one:

Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending (Produced by Justice) (alt)

Monday, April 20, 2009

16 Days of Absence

Hey, kids. So sorry about the lack of updates. We either haven't been feeling it, haven't been feeling the music, have been too busy hanging out, working, etc... We will soon resume posting more and more often, and I'm told we are working on some layout changes, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are a couple of songs I'm liking:

Yuksek - Dat's Right (alt)
The Fine Arts Showcase - Chemical Girl (The Field Guitar Remix) (alt)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heavy Hit(ters)

Well done, boys. LAFriendly, big ups on this one.

U2 - Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix) (alt)

3 Days Of Solitude

I dreamt that Michael Jackson was at my party, dancing to a Michael Jackson song I had never heard before. I hid my face in the sheets and watched the guests arrive, but they could see me seeing them and I felt ashamed--but simultaneously proud that my party featured Michael Jackson--so I closed my eyes but I could still see them seeing me and they smiled at me knowingly. Beneath my eyelids I crept to a dark place to find solace and there I found three things: 1. Nostalgia, 2. a pair of black socks I had lost two years ago and 3. an unreleased, never-before-heard Michael Jackson beta tape. The nostalgia was a pole you could swing down to take you to the fire engines and I did that and found myself listening to some old tunes that remind me of the façades of 18th century Nancy and its environs--Laxou, Tomblaine, Jarville-la-Malgrange, Malzeville, and of course, the unforgettable Dommartemont borne from the veins of a larger concept, as an after-thought, being the least populated. This was the result of the first:

Test Icicles - What's Your Damage (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix)

Hot Chip - My Piano

Gudrun Gut - Move Me

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Foolin April Fools

A bit of good fun is always nice around April Fools' day, but every time I think about doing something for it, whether in the blog or in real life, I find myself thinking several things:

a) I already try to fool people on an everyday basis
b) My ideas are usually never playful and flirt with being mean because of being close to reality/are really mean
c) Pranks are redundant (see 'a')
d) Pranking everyone is a necessary, but it takes too much effort, and resorting to only prank a couple of people cheapens it for me

Either way, I hope everyone had fun with it, blog world or otherwise.

Outputmessage - Glintz (alt)
Metronomy - Trick or Treatz (South Central Remix) (alt)
Vegastar - Elle Blesse (Para One Remix) (alt)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Can Be Zeros

So the blogosphere has been talking about the upcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixes for their single "Zero" (MSTRKRFT, AnCo, and Erol are involved). Most people have already repudiated the MSTRKRFT, but on first listen, I didn't really get as to why the backlash. It's a fine remix, maybe not as "ace" as Erol's or as "my-life-can-now-end-cuz-I-listened-to-this" as AnCo's, but seriously, even a hater like me can tell their mix is a step in the right direction, away from the awfulness their tracks have been riddled with recently. Wait for the drop around 2:14:

Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (through imeem) (alt)

Also on the horizon, Tiga's (yes, Tiga news again) new single "Shoes" is dropping on April, 20th and is bringing the heat with what might be a contender for remix of the year as Mr Oizo takes over the original and revamps it to make it his own. Can't wait to hear it!!In the meanwhile here is a remix by Beni to keep you satiated:

Tiga - Shoes (Beni Remix)

And to top it off, just a song that I came up on whilst looking at older stuff; I swear I have a big collection of garbage slash hidden gems slash all this stuff I don't have time to listen to.

Diskokaine - Rock-A-Boogie (Autorepeat Remix) (alt)

Also worth checkin' out is the Live in NYC version, which I only know exists in a mashup from a famous singstress' mixtape. Well worth checkin' out.