Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday LTBN!

On this Halloween, Let There Be Night turns 2. It's hard to believe we're still here, not to mention doing better than ever. Here's to two billion more years! Thanks to our devoted LTBNers out there, happy Halloween and enjoy this birthday mix, mixed by yours truly:

Nabocough - Let There Be Night Turns Two Mix

Proxy - Dancing in the Dark
Midnight Juggernauts - This New Technology (Memory Tapes remix)
The xx - Crystalized
Zombi - Sapphire (Escort remix)
Duck Sauce - Anyway
CSS - Move (Cut Copy remix)
Breakbot - Penelope Pitstop
The Death Set - Listen to this Collision (G.L.O.V.E.S. remix)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (RAC remix)
Munk - Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster remix)
Skatt Bros - Walk At Night
Electrick Dragon - Davorite
Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Neon Indian remix)
Database vs. FHR Beaches and Friends (The Twelves Remix)
Party Ben - Shame (At Night)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

War In My Ears

I've been thinking about the top of '09 post (yes I'm thinking ahead that early) and I was trying hard to remember most of last years (got taken down by the web-police). One of the songs I remember having on there was Proxy's "Raven". Can you guys still remember what a massive club anthem that was last year? I was wondering when we'd hear from them, knowing that they were working on an album. Sure enough, the man recently released the "Who Are You?" 12'' with a Bloody Beetroots remix, and we just got our hands on a song from the album. Welcome back, Proxy, we missed you.

Proxy - 8000 (alt) via
Proxy - Who Are You? (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) (alt)

P.S. By popular demand, we re-uploaded the A-Trak remix.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brothers From Another Mother

I'm pretty sure that Memory Tapes and Neon Indian are twin souls. Both make similar music, with other groups and under other monikers, both just recently released albums that are similar, and my hope is that both of them will tour together. I plan on reviewing these albums for the blog at some point, we will draw better conclusions from it there.

Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix) (alt)
Midnight Juggernauts - This New Technology (Memory Tapes Remix) (alt)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Talk Is Cheap

Maybe the best remix of the year, brought to us by A-Trak and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Big thanks to DD for this one.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (alt1) (alt2) via

EDIT: Re-uploaded through Mediafire!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Black Is Back

So the Ed Rec Newsletter is announcing Uffie's newest album, with production by label faves such as Oizo, Feadz and SebastiAn, as well as adding the production nous of Mirwais, a surprising addition to the aformentioned production talents. A new videoclip for the Let Love Rule Justice remix as well as news of a remix album from DJ Mehdi tittled Red, Black & Blue completes the highlights in the news section, with the bonus gift of a Mehdi mixtape promoting said remix album. Enjoi!

Dj Mehdi's Black, Black & Black Mixtape (10/14/09)

Monday, October 12, 2009

For Your Eyes and Ears

There's a lot of music videos coming out now of the music we like to showcase on this blog, and we usually never post any, so I'm going to make an exception today and give you some of the cooler ones. The first one comes from super-duo Duck Sauce, formed by A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. I think they really captured the imagery their song gives off with this one:

Duck Sauce - aNYway (alt) REMOVED BY REQUEST

This next one is quite the psychedelic mindtrip. It's impossible for this blog to pass up on anything Midnight Juggernauts related, not only because we are fanboys but because everything they do has seal of approved quality.

This New Technology - Midnight Juggernauts from midnight juggernauts on Vimeo.

Midnight Juggernauts - This New Technology (The Emperor Machine Remix) (alt)

If somehow this skipped you by, don't let it. Florence + the Machine is getting a lot of love lately, I've really liked a couple of the remixes, and the video for "You've Got The Love" harkens back to glam disco days.

Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love

Florence and The Machine | MySpace Music Videos

Florence + the Machine - You've Got The Love (XX Remix) (alt) Now @ 320 kpbs! Thanks DD!

Finally, party starter album of the year Major Lazer's "Keep It Goin' Louder" comes with an acceptable Halloweenish theme. I don't know how much people are about this album, but if you haven't given it a good chance it's worth doing so, especially for songs like this.

Major Lazer - Keep It Goin' Louder (ft. Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze) (alt)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Missed Connections

An easy and apparent one, especially with all the re-browsing of The King of Pop's material that we've done as of late. Props to Louis La Roche, then, for making a song trying to remind everybody about french house at the height of bangers (people actually thought it was a Thomas Bangalter song) and even for the coincidence of having our deceased superstar featured before he passed. Good use of the sample, and I can't get enough of the original.

Michael Jackson - It's The Falling In Love (alt)
Louis La Roche - Love (alt)


Michael Jackson - This Is It (alt)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Let's Paint This Town A Certain Color

Some music to send you out on your weekend boys n girls. Sorry I didn't keep you informed the past two days, but I hope this makes it worth it.

We start with a song by one of the true music blog breakouts, Keenhouse of Binary, part of a vibrant LA electro scene that reflects the brashness and attitude of the city. I've seen Keenhouse live (my friend tried to get an interview through his annoying live singer, a decision discouraged by me) though I can't say that I was there for him (I was there for College). Now Binary is releasing LA Lights, it's debut record, a compilation of songs from the label artists in order to kickstart internet buzz, so we'll help them out with the best track I've heard related to the record:

Keenhouse - Ari-es (Hemingway's Starlight Yacht Remix) (alt)

On a similar vibe, we turn our heads towards a regularly LTBN feature, Miami Horror. The producer from Australia has brought us a change but not entirely devoid of his signature sound. It shows good tact to go towards a more G.L.O.V.E.S.-ish , yacht-house, especially when he displays it so flawlessly. It still maintains the elements that made him so good, vocoder voice chirps, but adds some deep The Cure/The Smiths basses on there to go along with the synths.

Miami Horror - Sometimes (alt)

This next group, as mentioned by Discodust, is an enigma, but Joe Goddard isn't and he brings all his production dexterity to center stage. His remixes bring a coldness to it, being bold and dramatic in tone yet light and simple in structure. This one is definitely less dark and more boppy, though similar sounds exist. The faster pace makes the song bounce everywhere at faster paces than we are used to, which is welcome from Goddard.

Silver Columns - Brow Beaten (Joe Goddard Remix) (alt)

Finally, and probably the creme-de-la-creme, Lindstrom gets the treatment by dreamy nu-discoers Aeroplane, and it seems like a match made in heaven. While Lindstrom can escape into a different universe with his tunes, Aeroplane is able to infuse a pop side to their also escapist music. The drums, Nintendo-style pianos, and Christabelle's voice really makes this song vibrant, yet the hints of Lindstrom in there are felt as the song pushes past the 3 minute mark, with acoustic guitars joining the electronic melodies, even if by sound, it would seem difficult to distinguish between either of them, as both tread in familiar territories. Do enjoy this song, I know I am.

Lindstrom & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop (Aeroplane Remix) (alt)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Soft Tones

CFCF is Mike Silver, highly respected in the blog world because of his vanguard leadership in redirecting contemporary electronic music towards softer creations, away from bangers that can obfuscate the value of solid producing skills and the melodies of contemporary electronic sounds. He's released a couple of scarce vinyls and EPs, but he's also remixed some stuff, recently HEALTH'S "Before Tigers". Check it out, let me know what you think.

CFCF - Monolith (alt)
HEALTH - Before Tigers (CFCF Remix) (alt)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hypothetical Reality

The trailer for this album, funny as it sounds, was enough to get me st(r)oked about Julian Casablancas' first solo effort. Great as it looks in the preview, it's nice now to have a track to judge the album better before it's Oct. 20 release stateside (Oct. 19 UK). As it stands, it seems like what Nigel Godrich might have wanted to do with The Strokes for their second album, a what-if scenario that seems to be playing out in "11th Dimension" the first single for Casablancas' album Phrazes For The Young. I personally can't wait to have the full album in my hands/iPod.

Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension (alt)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lucky Guess

I just knew that Empire of the Sun channeled Prince somewhat, just never thought it would ever be so apparent. Good for us.

Empire Of The Sun - Breakdown (alt)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Moving On

Songs to keep you fresh throughout the weekend. Enjoi!

Demon - Happy Therapy (Lifelike Remix) (alt)
Michael Huygen - Capturing Holograms (alt)
Matthew Dear - Send You Back (alt)
Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent (alt) REMOVED BY REQUEST