Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Symmetry Along a Cemetary Wall

"A horror of life, and an ecstatic joy in life."

In the early morning hours the owl by my house began to hoot. Still in my dream state I understood why the owl has traditionally been associated with the virtue of wisdom. The owl's call is an unchanging sentence of three parts, beginning with an introduction crescendo: hruu-oohh-aah, forming the catholic inquisition encompassing all the questions that had arisen thus far in my dream. The call then answers itself with two "hoos" which express the duality of all life, that to every question two responses can equally suffice. But I half-dreamt half-philosophized that I still was not satisfied. What did the owl mean to tell me? In my dream I hooted back, a call of my own: words, antonyms and synonyms, a rise in tone and a final, vocal punctuation mark. A few seconds followed, as though the owl were considering my statement, turning it over in his mind. In that time, I realized why the owl conversed only in the morning, the only time of day when dream and reality are not yet separate and distinct: in the time when you may confuse what actually happened with what you dreamed, the owl has furtively gained its place into personification that seems superior to other creatures. Now, the owl was ready for its final response. It answered in the same, three-part call it had opened with, but I understood what he meant: an answer is already contained in every question.

Check out how Yuksek reinterprets M83's pop song "Graveyard Girl." Now this is the kind of music I expect to hear in a graveyard.

M83 - Graveyard Girl (Yuksek remix)

Breaking news: Justice don't know who the Jonas Brothers are. WTF? No, but seriously, check out Pitchfork's revealing interview with Justice. They talk about how they don't consider themselves musicians by nature; because of technology they don't really have to write songs, just like they didn't have to know how to paint to be graphic designers. Or how they're not doing remixes except for friends (so that's what "We Are Your Friends" was about). So the question must be asked: what's up with their Stevie Wonder snippet (see: Mass Hyperbole, as if you haven't already).

Also dig this summer anthem: Aeroplane completely remix a Shortwave Set tune. Here in San Francisco, things are just heating up.

The Shortwave Set - Now 'til 69 (Aeroplane remix)

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