Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Can Be Zeros

So the blogosphere has been talking about the upcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixes for their single "Zero" (MSTRKRFT, AnCo, and Erol are involved). Most people have already repudiated the MSTRKRFT, but on first listen, I didn't really get as to why the backlash. It's a fine remix, maybe not as "ace" as Erol's or as "my-life-can-now-end-cuz-I-listened-to-this" as AnCo's, but seriously, even a hater like me can tell their mix is a step in the right direction, away from the awfulness their tracks have been riddled with recently. Wait for the drop around 2:14:

Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (through imeem) (alt)

Also on the horizon, Tiga's (yes, Tiga news again) new single "Shoes" is dropping on April, 20th and is bringing the heat with what might be a contender for remix of the year as Mr Oizo takes over the original and revamps it to make it his own. Can't wait to hear it!!In the meanwhile here is a remix by Beni to keep you satiated:

Tiga - Shoes (Beni Remix)

And to top it off, just a song that I came up on whilst looking at older stuff; I swear I have a big collection of garbage slash hidden gems slash all this stuff I don't have time to listen to.

Diskokaine - Rock-A-Boogie (Autorepeat Remix) (alt)

Also worth checkin' out is the Live in NYC version, which I only know exists in a mashup from a famous singstress' mixtape. Well worth checkin' out.

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