Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Double Standard

So lately, we are getting booed off by the record companies for posting their artists songs, our posts kicked out. Though we get a notice of it, it seems a bit weird that most of these songs are able to exist elsewhere but not here. I guess we can't really play with the big boys anymore. I'll be the first to say, we as a blog are not perfect, we don't always ask before we post because, well, a lot of times we know we are getting music from other blogs, and those blogs are ones that have countless of times said that they will not post without asking for the artists permission first; not only that, but we have attempted in past occasions to have access to these artists, most always never having a response, inciting neither negative nor positive inclinations to our reviewing and promoting of their music.

Having said that, I apologize to any of the artists we have financially hurt through our actions, to the companies who pay them and to other blogs who promote them and do it well. My mission statement for this blog is to promote music, not to severely deteriorate artists' means of income. From our side of things, we'll try to do the right thing, and try not to provoke the ire of the folks whose product we are trying to popularize.

Azari & III - She's An Illusion (alt) via

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