Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Things Never Fail

Kitsune Maison is coming out quite soon, just in time for the spring. Kitsune can be characterized to provide cotton-candy electro-pop, so the nuances and trends of the music scene as of late fit in perfectly with Kitsune's musical philosophy. This might be one of the best VA's of the year. Below the tracklist, and a minimix featuring some of the songs on the compilation:

Kitsuné Maison 9 Full Tracklist:

01: WASHED OUT “Belong”
02: GAMBLE & BURKE “Let’s Go Together”
03: PENGUIN PRISON “Animal Animal”
04: JAMAICA “Short and Entertaining” (produced by Xavier from Justice)
05: CROOKERS feat. YELLE “Cooler Couleur”
06: JUPITER “Vox Populi (LIFELIKE treatment)”
07: YUKSEK “Supermenz (We’re Not)”
08: FENECH-SOLER “Stop And Stare”
09: TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB “Something Good Can Work (The Twelves remix)”
10: LOGO “La Vie Moderne”
11: SILVER COLUMNS “Brow Beaten”
12: HOLY GHOST! “Say My Name”
13: HURTS “Wonderful Life (ARTHUR BAKER remix KITSUNÉ edit)”
14: GYPSY & THE CAT “Time to Wander (JOAN OF ARC remix)”
15: FELDBERG “Dreamin’”
16: YOUR NATURE “Forward Motion”
17: THE GOOD NATURED “Your Body is a Machine (ZEBRA+SNAKE remix)”
18: MONARCHY “The Phoenix Alive (THE OCTANS edit)

Kitsune Maison Minimix by JBAG (alt)

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