Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In the Beginning was the Name...

Hello all! This post will be probably longer than normal; I don't want to set any precedents, I just wanted to document the beginning of this blog. I am very excited about this.

mateusz (21:57:52): i just bought some dutch beer
alex (21:58:46): i'm drinking IPA
mateusz (21:59:08): mine is "peter's brand"
mateusz (22:03:32): damn this Heaven 17 song is so hard
alex (22:11:11): mine is "pyramid"
alex (22:27:29): we should start an mp3 blog
mateusz (22:27:51): wow, i never thought of that

alex (22:32:46): what do we write?
mateusz (22:32:53): i dunno
mateusz (22:33:06): if we start having rules, it willl just be problem
alex (22:33:16): do we write stuff like KidzbyColette or do we write kind of poetic, unrelated things like fluokids?

alex (22:37:28): but we have to think of a name
alex (22:37:47): something totally awesome
mateusz (22:37:50): ok, well i have one, but i wont be butthurt if it doesnt make it
alex (22:37:55): what is it
mateusz (22:37:59): MEMBERS ONLY
mateusz (22:38:37): i dont think i could fill out to that title
mateusz (22:38:49): snobby people gain gravity
alex (22:38:59): we must have good intentions throughout
mateusz (22:39:04): naturally
alex (22:39:11): something very inclusive
mateusz (22:39:42): i'm more or less neutral
mateusz (22:40:04): in the end, the blog's name takes on a sense based on the popularity or not
mateusz (22:40:16): if someone told me daft punk or justice where great names. . .
alex (22:40:34): yeah, right

alex (22:43:56): albie just called!
mateusz (22:44:03): ja same here
mateusz (22:17:41): coincidences: "we happen -- that's what we do best!"
alex (22:44:09): sounded like daft punk?
mateusz (22:44:21): i talked to him for about 5 minutes earlier thoroughly covering all ground
mateusz (22:44:39): he called to tell me "vegas baby." that's it . . .
alex (22:45:18): that's what he must have said to me
mateusz (22:45:28): im happy he's having fun

next day/

mateusz (12:29:39): did you talk to albie?
alex (12:30:34): no
alex (12:30:41): i haven't heard from him since "vegas baby"
mateusz (12:30:48): ha
alex (12:31:02): why
mateusz (12:31:10): about the blog
mateusz (12:31:14): i brought it up to him
mateusz (12:31:30): in the beginning he outright implied he didn't think anything about it would work
mateusz (12:31:46): and when i pressed him to answer if he was going to do it or not, he said "ya ya definitely"

mateusz (12:40:59): you come up with anything?
alex (12:42:32): not really
alex (12:44:28): I was thinking Grand Brovaz would be apropos
alex (12:44:47): maybe too juvenile?
mateusz (12:45:04): ya maybe
mateusz (12:45:10): at first i didnt think so, until you mentioned
alex (12:45:54): maybe too Broish
mateusz (12:46:02): ya
mateusz (12:46:31): it should refer to an idea rather than people

alex (12:51:53): what about GirlScouts?
mateusz (12:52:13): not keen on that
alex (12:54:28): Bedfellows
mateusz (12:54:55): alrite
alex (12:55:01): Mounting Evidence
alex (12:55:10): Black Black

mateusz (12:58:03): fuck im in my calven kleins and my dad's friend just walked in
mateusz (12:58:05): i hate that shit

mateusz (13:07:19): how about . . .
mateusz (13:07:27): "best blog in the universe"
mateusz (13:07:40): "including peripheral solar systems"
mateusz (13:07:56): je rigole
alex (13:08:23): "not including the Andromeda Galaxy"
mateusz (13:08:28): hahaha
alex (13:09:53): Water Shortage
mateusz (13:10:39): "la vague"
alex (13:11:48): Lactose Intolerant
alex (13:12:23): Dark Rift

mateusz (13:23:26): other blog names are really random/stupid
alex (13:25:32): i totally agree
mateusz signed off at 13:39:57.
mateusz signed on at 13:40:02.
mateusz (13:41:00): "let there be light"
mateusz (13:41:49): what do you tihnk?
mateusz (13:42:28): i think it's advantageous to name it after a popular song in the genre of music we would be posting
alex (13:45:56): I don't know
alex (13:46:11): I don't like obviously riding the coattails of Justice
mateusz (13:46:49): it's obnoxious, but that's the idea

alex (13:46:56): Let There Be Night
mateusz (13:47:04): yaaaaaaaaaaa

mateusz: lettherebenightATgmailDOTcom
psswrd: **********
our name is "-------------" . . you can change it . . . i don't mind
i dont have work tmmrrw so i'll work up some post but feel free to post something yourself.

it's like we're now married.


Dolly Vu said...

this is kind of amazing. yes.

splatteredpaint said...

thanks, dolly vu.

Anonymous said...

This is creepy, I know, but I need to tell Matt something, but I have no idea how.