Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Justice For All

After much now-visible unnecessary deliberation, Alex, Albie and I have started up a blog. Alex proposed the idea to me, and I immediately thought it would be great as we all are caught-up in the many ongoing musical trends, blogs, and most important, musical acts. Albie, like me, thought the same, and we all joined our forces. We might be looking for another fellow blogger, but we haven't exhausted the idea.

As for the first proper entry goes, I thought it natural to allude to the artist who gave us inspiration and form to our blog name, Let There Be Night. I speak of none other than the current blog juggernaut and Parisian favorite Justice. An act that was accessible to only a few know-hows two years ago, Justice is now an immediate force known by many kids worldwide, whether indie, whether neu-wave, whether "I like it because everybody likes it." They have gained a wide acceptance from many faces, following their LP debut release (Cross), and appear to stay here for good, at least for the time being.

2005: The second single from their first EP "Waters of Nazareth" is titled "Let There Be Light." Both singles, following the inescapable "We are Your Friends," create much buzz, much stir. True, in many senses, this was the real beginning of Ed Banger records, too, and the genesis to the Justice we all now know.

Justice - Let There Be Light

The most recent sound from Justice has been the much awaited remix of "As Above, So Below" from friends-across-the-pond, Klaxons. Originally, this song was due out several months ago on a Single Ep, but was canceled for unbeknownst reasons, and surfaced at a rather unexpected time, during the Justice world tour. Notable is the Human League sample of "Mirror Man" just at the very end. See if you can find it.

Klaxons - As Above, So Below (Justice Remix)


Anonymous said...

Waters of Nazareth was 2005 you idiot, not 1995.

splatteredpaint said...

dear anonymous, we caught the error already, just haven't changed it yet. thanks for your support.