Friday, January 25, 2008

New SebastiAn

Pic: Cobra Snake

Remember when everyone thought the Scenario Rock - Both Gotta Move On "Hey Champ" remix was the SebastiAn remix? People, it turns out the "Hey Champ" remix is not, in fact, the SebastiAn remix. Considering how much hype this guy gets, the Sebastian remix is surprisingly on the DL. It hasn't leaked yet, or so it seems. However, you can hear the song in its entirety at Scenario Rock's Myspace, or simply purchase the "Both Gotta Move On" single, including the said remix, at Arcade Mode.

As far as 2008 is concerned, I think people will be surprisingly impressed with the album from Sebastian, which is said to drop in "Winter Spring" 2008, whatever that means. He's already given the public a ghostly track "untitlted." With better remixes under SebastiAn's belt, this track is nothing exciting. Probably, SebastiAn specifically put this track out because it's the least personable track on the record. Justice did something similar when they made a faux version of "The Party," (and people were actually liking it!!?!) prior to the drop on the album, almost as a spiteful scheme to the blog community. When the real version finally appeared, people were pleasantly surprised.

That said, here is a video of a brand new SebastiAn track that he dropped at Dafunkfest in Tokyo. The youtube author has disabled embedding *by request,* so you'll just have to follow the link. Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says sample?. Notice the distinct resemblance to Justice's sound, or is it Justice's resemblance to SebastiAn's sound?

Have you heard:

Sneaky Sound System - UFO - SebastiAn Remix vs. Blaze Tee Rerub

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