Friday, April 25, 2008

Only Joking!

As many of you know, Coachella kicked off today. Today's lineup is probably already closing, if not closed. Tomorrow, Youtube will be flooded with video footage and blogs will be blogging about all kinds of hype that went down. After Sunday there will be an untold number of videos of Justice, whose 2007 appearance was their first live show in the States.

There was a long period of waiting and teasing the virgin crowd. Just as the sun had set, Justice came on. The cross was lit. Many people in the crowd didn't even know who Justice were; emaciated scenesters from LA with really, really cool tattoos about meanings exclusive and unbeknownst to those that have no tattoos confidently told other emaciated scensters (...) "they're cool, plus they're from France, meaning they're not from the States." And other people knew well who Justice were, but had no idea what to expect from them. At that point in time, Justice had only a slew of remixes under their belt. Still, a slew, but they had produced no original material themselves. Close to two years of touring, what would they offer at Coachella?

Everyone there remembers it. For the people that were there, at the moment when Genesis dropped, it was impossible, it was music from another planet. In a word, ineffable. Genesis was not the only song never before heard. Their first "live show" consisted of their never before heard album. Unfortunately, and it is sad, that moment will never happen again.

Now to be anti-climactic. What may happen Sunday maybe exciting for many of the fans Justice have come to win over. SebastiAn's EP has recently been leaked, and in a different medium, Motor had leaked much earlier. Somehow I managed to end up here:

Justice have remixed Motor, least to mention Underworld, and it will probably be dropped Sunday. Why not? It turns out the best blog is Wikipedia. I've been careful not to use this word before, but Let There Be Night has exclusive news. Even Google can't compete.


doofyler said...

The remix of Baba O'Riley from the Who is not on the list!


have never heard of it. any mp3 link? there's also like a 10 second remix of stevie wonder's superstition . . . good looking out.

Anonymous said...

Baba O'Riley is remixed by SebastiAn!