Monday, June 23, 2008


The last week of my life was spent in the one and only city that is Paris, France. Wednesday the 18th was Institubes Respect Terror Club hosted by Ete D'Amour. For the French superstars some of you may know as Institubes, "IDOL POP IDOL" music is their bread and butter. To skip any indie-scenester-pitchfork-wahwah-analysis, INSTITUBES tore it up: they opened up the asshole, went inside, spray-painted "Institubes: We Were Here," opened the asshole back up, got out, and closed it. Inclduded Parisien Djs were Bobmo, Das Glow, David Rubato, Surkin, Jean Nippon, Tacteel, Para One, Orgasmic, and Teki Latex.

Here's my favorite set of the night, by the man running shit at Institubes, Jean Nippon. He's a tech master; his fingers were always on some nob. By the way, the French love MGMT, and no, I don't mean the Electric Feel remix by Justice. Merely listen to the crowd in the Jean Nippon set . . . And on the same note, much love to three ladies from Davis, Saraswathi, Emma, and Hayley who told me about MGMT before anyone in the world knew about them.

Jean Nipon @ Institubes Respect Terror Club

Bonus: Has anyone heard this? KidzbyColette blocked the download . . .

MGMT - Electric Feel - Justice Remix

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