Friday, September 11, 2009

Shapes That Only Sound Can Mold

Karen Dreijer Andersson, 1/2 of The Knife is the auteur of Fever Ray and this beautifully, moody Self-tittled album. The three singles released so far, "If I Only Had A Heart", "Triangle Walks" and "When I Grow Up" are intense creations, the first with a droning, haunting repetition and guttural base, the second with inertial calypso drums a-la The Knife that feel so cold, its surprising that the instruments' origins come from the Caribbean, the third a should've-been collaboration with MIA and Switch to hit those high notes and make us dance.

On that note, I'm surprised that "Seven" is the next single. Dreijer Anderssons' fourth single is lighter and less moody than its predecessors. Personally, I was expecting "Keep The Streets Empty For Me" to be the next single, but no matter. Though she continues to sing as she only can, the production template behind her changes up, more jittery and fluffy, less dark and ominous. The single for “Seven” has remixes from CSS and Crookers, posted below, as well as from Marcel Dettmann, Martyn, Nic Chacona and Seth Troxler.

Fever Ray - Seven (alt)
Fever Ray - Seven (Crookers Remix) (alt)
Fever Ray - Seven (CSS Remix) (alt)

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