Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slow More

So there's this band, called The XX. They are decent, bits and pieces remind you of Chris Isaak, some of Interpol, some of Broken Social Scene, Radiohead production...nice bands to remind you of, if you ask me (also reminds me of Jack Johnson, but I know some of you would refute that with ire). I don't know how much I like this record so far, it seems a bit taught and reserved, like it keeps from going to the place it might want to, forgoing loud melodical outbursts and disciplining the addition of sounds and production. Honestly, I don't know that I'd like it to go anywhere else, otherwise these guys might just go full Evanescence on us.

Seriously, it is a beautiful album, made for days of introspection, people watching, grey skies and will be in dramatic movie love montages soon. Well worth a listen.

The XX - Infinity (alt)
The XX - Fantasy (alt)


taperjeangirl said...

worst music analogies i have heard. i would say more like mirah with a boy or a more toned down acoustic version of the stars. what is with the evanescence reference? really.

Nabocough said...

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