Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Boys Are Back In Town

This summer is going to be a busy with the releases of the bands that made blogs popular sources for new music. One of those bands is undoubtedly Midnight Juggernauts, who stole our hearts with Dystopia, and can hopefully replicate their success with their newest album, The Crystal Axis.


01. Induco
02. Vital Signs

03. Lifeblood Flow

04. This New Technology

05. Lara Versus The Savage Pack

06. The Great Beyond

07. Cannibal Freeway

08. Virago

09. Winds of Fortune

10. Dynasty

11. Lemuria
12. Fade to Red

Midnight Juggernauts - Get Connected (B-Side)

The Crystal Axis is out on May 28th through Siberia/Acephale Records.

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