Wednesday, March 19, 2008

C'est Dommage

It appears as though our last blog post of two videos (ahem) has put a spell over all of us here at LetThereBeNight. What better way to reinvigorate from a daze than to post new music from Ed Banger?

Monday was a huge day, at least for a particular population: Justice sent out their new remix of DVNO to the blog-world. Many people aren't particularly fond of it, and feel as though the innovative half-life is slipping away from the French boys. As far as our opinion is concerned, we're not concerned. One thing can be noted, though. More and more so, the Justice sound is resembling the always newly acquired electronic mannerisms developed by one man killing machine SebasiAn. If SebastiAn's unreleased Motor makes use of a tiny repeated sound bit winding into a higher octave, then it's clear the Justice remix emulates this technique, but the sound bit winds down. And the SebasiAn single has yet to be released! Friendly co-operation, or unfair operation?

Perhaps to make it a neutral commentary, since the beginning of both SebastiAn's and Justice's musical genealogy, both parties have been heavily influenced by their frequent use of the Pioneer 1000 Mk3 while DJing, its precise loop functions and pitch bend. Starting a DJ set with a split-second loop under a high-pitch is hallmark SebastiAn, and that live improvisation has led on to influence production in the studio.

Justice - DVNO - Justice Remix (zshare)

In other Ed Banger news, we have finally gotten our hands on a copy of the SebastiAn remix of Scenario Rock's "Gotta Move On." There has been no other Sebastian remix on such DL. Here's a copy of a high bit-rate version, not the 96kbps version that's been floating around like a whore in dire times. SebastiAn's Motor will be available on Ed Rec Volume III scheduled for release in May.

Scenario Rock - Both Gotta Move On - SebastiAn Remix

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Reid said...

one of my favorite things about letthere is guessing within the first few lines who wrote the post. it's not that hard.