Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cut Copy

As an adventure, Thursday was an amazing day. Around 3:20 PM, Cut Copy sent out a bulletin that they would be performing in San Diego, for free.

We are all too familiar with "Bright with Neon Love," their seminal LP. We all know well the curves to that LP, the dips and corners, what's to be expected and what will be sung, our favorite songs, repeated to add-infinitum, and it is able to provide the same comfort every time. I'll be the first admit: I never gave Cut Copy a fair chance, a mistake many of us make with our fascist music regimes, or maybe I should speak for myself. Maybe not.

Early on, I was familiar with SebastiAn's first remix ever, "Going Nowhere," the "Whitey Remix" you could cry to when drunk, and the "Going Nowhere" remix that put Digitalism on the map in a big way. Besides these three songs, I never once gave the original material my ear. At an unimportant date, that changed, and there has been no reason not to love the music of Cut Copy since .

Because of the recent release of "In Ghost Colors," Cut Copy has consumed the I-Pod player at our drinking spot, and when word came that they would be playing downtown, I had to call those that gather at that drinking spot, and let them know of the news that had fallen into my lap.

For me, the "show" actually started 4 hours prior to Cut Copy's performance, across the street, at a Japanese restaurant. There, I kept bothering a couple about the time, out of fear of being late to the show; I was later informed Cut Copy would start at 9pm. The guy seemed to be a former meth user if not at the time; the girl was obese. I explained to him that I came downtown to see a great band play; in return, he asked me if I liked Slipknot and Disturbed. Just as I was leaving, I again insisted he should check out the Cutters. Funny too, my recommendation turned out to be an explanation that the excellent group from Australia was not "Cunt Copy," but rather "Cut Copy." Then after several more beers, I was befriended by three guys from where else but Australia. Light and comical conversation soon ensued, ranging from Van She, Miami Horror, Pnau, Knightlife, Midnight Juggernauts, Midnight Oil, wristies (hand jobs), The Presets, and of course, Cut Copy, and wristies. That was an experience in itself, and what better company to have prior to a Cut Copy show?

And really, besides the experience prior to the show, there's not much room to talk about Cut Copy. We all know who Cut Copy are, and if you don't, you should. Cut Copy did Cut Copy, and it was everything expected, unexpected, and of course, more. It was a necessary reunion, a small piece of heaven, sadly ephemeral. There in front where these guys who devised this music, arranged the harmonies, decided to be interesting but with style. Every moment was enjoyable, every song ending carried into a new surprise. Cut Copy made an excellent impression. The experience was very homey, and I can say I enjoyed this show more than I did enjoy the hype of 2007, Justice.

That said, here are a couple choice bits. The blog world has a lot of crap and hype floating around in it. Cut Copy are an exception to this rule. The temptation to post full mp3s from both albums is high, but we know that would be no fun. Head over to Modular or iTunes and pick up their new LP yourself, "In Ghost Colours." You will be satisfied, I'm confident in that. Trust me: I once recommended Cut Copy to a Meth head that liked Slipknot and Disturbed.

Cut Copy - Going Nowhere - Whitey Remix

Cut Copy - Going Nowhere - SebastiAn Remix (SebastiAn's first remix ever! He's a fan of the Cutterzz)

Midnight Juggernauts - 45 and Rising - Cut Copy Remix (Cutterz remix Juggerz)

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