Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nyte Is Good For You

It turns out that Let There Be Night not only provides you with good tunes, we're also helping the environment with our new blog design. According to Blackle, a Google-based search engine with a black color scheme, computer monitors require more energy to display white than they do black. For example, given the amount of hits that it gets in one year, Google, in a black color setting, could feasibly save 750 megawatts per year. So, that means that every time someone visits our blog, we're displacing the equivalent of the energy that a blowdryer uses up in one second. Uh, right?


With lines like "There's something burning up inside/ I reach out for you and our hearts collide" and "I've been searching for a love alive/ Drowning in the silence as we walk the night," Cut Copy's vision of "Hearts on Fire" is a favorable one: poignantly describing those special nocturnal loves. But through the eyes of their Australian colleagues, Midnight Juggernauts, "Hearts on Fire" is far more dystopic. The trio coats the song with their distinctive space-age keyboards to derail the original meaning of the song, shrouding the happy lyrics in their apocalyptic world-view. Those same lines might equally describe disease, disaster, or a sole-survivng member of the world race searching the once bustling cities, now completely deserted and dead. How's that for détournement?

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

After listening to the Together podcast by The Glimmers, my own heart was on fire for an obscure Belgian band's cover of Olivia Newton John's hit, "Let's Get Physical." Disko Drunkards are produced by fellow countrymen, The Glimmers, and I can't find out much about them. Still, this song rocks the dance floor as you can see in their music video, which features what seems to be video clippings of a 1980's super-awkward bar mitzvah. I went to a bar mitzvah once, and believe me, it was almost just as weird as this one. Let's get awkward!

Disko Drunkards - Let's Get Physical

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