Thursday, July 3, 2008


Associate writer Alehgzandurr Teplitskis turns 24 today. In other news, tommorrow will be hot, or cold. YOU DECIDE. No, but really. To say it in a similar way he did: it feels "awkward" wishing your friend happy birthday over the internet, but, well, Alex, Happy Birthday. By this power of suggestion, then, your day must be excellent. Do it big. I hope your night may be marry, or perhaps it already was. This time change business is heavy.

Onto music. The Presets are touring everywhere, and it is unfortunate I passed up on them when the swung by LA. "My People" live -- that must be something. Fellow Australian, Miami Horror used to put out better heat. First it was the excellent Stardust remix, then onto "Don't be on with Her." With no doubt, it can still be stated that Miami Horror is way underrated. Peeps need to represent, as Alex did on my birthday with the Grafton Primary Remix. Big cheers Alex.

The Presets - Talk Like That - Miami Horror Remix (No longer available)

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