Friday, July 25, 2008

Button Your Pants

Justice seem to be up to something: they're immersing themselves in the fashion culture lately. After teaming up with Surface to Air to design the leather jackets and jeans that make their look so iconic, Justice have compiled a short mix for Dior Homme fashion show in Paris. In the mix, Justice supposedly drop one of their newest tracks: a so far unnamed, mysterious song that starts out with a Gothic-revival introduction of pianos similar to what worked so well with "Genesis" on .

Justice - [as of yet untitled track for Dior fashion show '09]

I've also been digging this song the past few days. A remix of the Xinobi song "Day Off" by Anoorak. I can't tell you much about either of those names, so I'll let the song speak for itself.

Xinobi - Day Off (Anoorak remix)

Also, on a different note, last night I went to the Knockout to see a friend of a friend's band called The Muslims. It was a surprisingly good show: kind of a cross between Velvet Underground and Kings of Leon. My favorite song was "Beside Myself," with an amazing bass line that keeps the energy up for the shufflin of tha feets.

The Muslims - Beside Myself

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