Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Last Summer Ever


"'To die for the Fatherland is the most beautiful fate'... The poilu, however, had a different view: 'The most beautiful fate is to live a long time and to be happy. Why lie?'"
--La Belle France

So we like Cut Copy a lot, but what can I say? These guys are hard workers. They inspire a work ethic in me. Because of them, I've been spending the past few days of the summer in the cafes studying for the GREs. Then, I look over next to me and a guy is studying for LSATs and I think to myself, sure, he's studious, but can he dance? Cut Copy's treatment of this Ladyhawke song is epic. It barely feels like a remix. See if you can get away with listening to this and not wanting to shuffle your feet.

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy remix) (No longer available)

The ghosts convene when the temperatures rise. July 25th, Holy Ghost! and The Black Ghosts will play the Mighty in San Francisco. If you aren't spooked, I guarantee you'll be funked proper. July 26th, Hercules & Love Affair play at the Mezzanine. Could this possibly the greatest summer ever? Perhaps it will be our last.

The Black Ghosts - Full Moon

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