Friday, November 2, 2007

Bag Raiders -- First EP

Since the birth of what many have called the "neu-rave" genre, Australia has, like France, no doubt, been doing it big. We have already seen waves with acts Cut Copy, The Presets, Van She, and Justice favorite, Midnight Juggernauts. One act that has this universality is Sydney based duo, Bag Raiders. Christopher Brave & Jack Sabbath have recently released this first EP through Bang Gang 12 Inches. No strings attached, the "Bag Raiders EP" kills, and rarely do two songs like Fun Punch and Punch Reprise carry as much resonance, at least in the sense of what is considered essential in this variety of music today. Simply stated, it delivers and you can secure your copy at the right records stores, Beatport, iTunes or DjDownload. Enjoi!

Bag Raiders - Fun Punch

Bag Raiders - Punch Reprise

Some people hate blends, or "mash-ups," and those same people get drunk, dance to them, and ultimately enjoi them. Opinions vary widely. I will hold my neutrality here. I can see how this blend could be noted as rape to a very well crafted song, Punch Reprise. On the other hand, Soulja Boy - Crank Dat is very, very (very) addictive. Don't believe me -- just read the charts. So, either this is a cheap shot at something great, or this blend truly kills. I myself don't know. In any case, we can all still super-soak that hoe; and why not?

Soulja boy - Crank Dat - Bag Raiders blend by Luminfire

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