Friday, November 16, 2007

Let me hear that hand clap, girl let me know where you at

If you are my myspace friend, and you happen to go check to see who's online, there's a big chance my profile will say I'm online. "What do you for so long on myspace?" is a question that is commonly shot at me. And in this blog, I have an answer.

Myspace is a force that has gained a lot of gravity and presence as being an endless archive of music is that is being made: now. The lineage of new cuts, edits, or exclusive remixes many times starts at In this way, myspace has expedited the story of the song, from production, to mp3, to your I-Pod. As well, music is becoming decentralized from non-music-interested corporations to the many people that really appreciate it. Then, perhaps you can say music is more personal and personable, non-mediated. This, too, has its drawbacks, but let's talk about something else.

Treasure Fingers is one of these artists I came across by browsing mutual friends and artists located on myspace. Treasure Fingers hails from Atlanta, and I can't help but think of the motley assortment of characters found in an Atlanta club, dancing to the sounds influenced by Miami Bass to arrive at Crunk. It's safe to say that Treasure Fingers has been influenced by this melting-pot of music in Atlanta. Treasure Fingers also often uses the hand-clap as an effect in his songs -- I have many times argued this is so widely loved by dancers because it's a sound dancers can actually make, while dancing! You can never have enough. Here are two songs I have come to love.

Snowden - Anti-Anti (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Fergie - Glamarous (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Additionally, I have attached a link to his first mix, 40 Minutes In The Champagne Room. I've listened to many mixes, and this mix stands tall above many other mixes that are simply mediocre, or even terrible. It's a great cohesive piece with over 40 tracks. The mixing is excellent, no song is obscure, everything is easily accessible, and most importantly, this mix is danceable all the way through. Again, it's a great mix I think anyone can enjoi. Tracklisting included below. Add Treasure Fingers on myspace, listen to his new killer remix of Tortoise, and drop him a line. I promise, he's one to watch. OKKK?

40 Minutes In The Champagne Room

01. treasure fingers - champagne room intro
02. The glamour - get into it
03. does it offend you, yeah? - we are rockstars
04. snowden - anti anti (treasure fingers remix)
05. dragonette - i get around (midnight juggernauts remix)
06. digitalism - pogo (punks jump up remix)
07. mstrkrft - street justice
08. LA riots feat. jadis - if i could
09. architecture in helsinki - it’s 5! (33hz & ming remix)
10. cassius - cassius 1999 (remix)
11. busta rhymes - touch it (kid fresh remix)
12. anthony rother - freaks
13. M.I.A. - bucky done gun
14. lovely chords - my disko is broken
15. gucci mane - freaky girl
16. math head - do damage (passions remix)
17. miami horror - don’t be with her
18. fergie - glamorous (treasure fingers remix)
19. mark ronson feat. lily allen - oh my god (chris lake remix)
20. cassius - feeling for you
21. cousin cole - thuggish ruggish love
22. the black ghosts - any way you choose to give it (boy 8-bit remix)
23. D.I.M. - airbus (mstrkrft remix)
24. roy davis jr - rock shock (thomas bangalter remix)
25. treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor
26. squarepusher - my red hot car
27. mr oizo - patrick122
28. klaxons - gravity’s rainbow (soulwax remix)
29. snowden - black eyes (le castle vania remix)
30. the discoboys - for you (patrick alavi remix)
31. the cribs - mens needs
32. krazy fiesta feat cassie - me and you
33. rockwell - somebody’s watching me
34. simian mobile disco - hotdog
35. czr - chicago southside (paul johnson remix)
36. naive new beaters - bang bang (yuksek remix)
37. digitalism - digitalism in cairo
38. fiasco - happy hour (the scar remix)
39. justice - genesis
40. da shop boyz - party like a rockstar
41. ocelot - this is our time (treasure fingers remix)
42. tepr - minuit jacuzzi (data remix)

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