Monday, December 17, 2007

The Difference It Makes

A rainy monday morning and I'm a bit hung over. I'm riding it out with some green tea and some songs with a heavy beat, hardly any vocals and repetitive synths.

M83 - Don't Save Us from the Flames (Superpitcher Mix) [1] [2]

Lifelike (feat. Kris Menace) - Discopolis

alex (16:29:58): i told a friend of mine living in bordeaux to go to Hianta (fluokids)'s show
mateusz (16:30:17): theyre gonna play in bordeaux?
alex (16:30:23): Hianta lives there
mateusz (16:30:32): didnt know
mateusz (16:30:37): i'd go to her house
mateusz (16:30:52): "talk about music"
alex (16:31:19): yeah "for sure"
mateusz (16:31:27): heh
alex (16:31:29): she's "knowledgable"
mateusz (16:31:40): """probably"""
alex (16:33:01): i'm posting this convo
mateusz (16:33:16): ha

Some amazing mp3 blog things are happening around San Francisco within the next couple of weeks. I saw a flyer for this last night.


Writers Basura and Disaster from the Missingtoof blog are DJing which means it should be a good show. The fact that they can represent themselves as "Missingtoof DJs" is an incredible testament to the power of mp3 blogs. This is only bizarre to me because I've personally never heard anyone really discuss mp3 blogs at all. In any case, check this show out if you are in the area; I am going to try and go myself. I've been to the Rickshaw once before and it is a cool bar, with ample space for gettin' groovay.

Otherwise, it's time to make your plans for New Years. If you want something flashy, Diplo and Pharrell from fluokids is DJing here in the city. I don't know if Pharrell DJs or travels very often, but if he's from Orléans like his myspace site says he is, then he must be pretty psyched to be coming to San Francisco for this party. Orléans sucks!

Lets make love

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (Diplo remix)

Le Tigre - After Dark (Diplo remix)

But I am not going to that show because Check McNugal (aka Amir) will be DJing at Edinburgh Castle on New Year's Eve. Here is a flyer I made myself. Excuse the poor craftmanship; I don't normally do these kinds of things.


Anyway, I shouldn't shit-talk Orléans. I was there for less than five hours and it was a Sunday. All I did was walk around centreville and eat at Quick, which was the only thing open. Honestly, it's a nice town.


godshamgod said...

teplitz, amir, matt, albie-hello from ny. i love this blog. why are only half of you posting? thanks for soundtracking my cubicle.

Street Fighter said...

R.R. ~
we got you covered, we got you surrounded. we know it's you -- there's no hope escaping. wait; are you even trying escape? nm, i mean . . . thanks for reading.

Salvador said...

Hey, Alex!! I like this cool site!
ça va? je passerai par ici bientôt tout à fait pour vous proposer une chanson de mon group. Jeudi on l'inregistre, c'est un peu à la Talking Heads. Je t'embrasse, Salut!!!


splatteredpaint said...

Salut Salva, ça fait longtemps. Jsuis content que tu as nous rends visite. J'aimerais bien ecoute a tes chansons. Comme Anna dis toujours, tiens-moi au courant.

a que no?

hianta said...


aussi, the difference it makes, une de mes chansons favorites au monde.

aussi "feat. kris menace" mais lol.

aussi, si tu savais, en verité je ne parle que de musique, partout, tout le temps. quite boring.

splatteredpaint said...

on a dit ""knowledgable"" parce qu'on t'adore. de toute facon, tu mens, sans doute, je suis sur t'es charmante.