Tuesday, December 4, 2007

They Don't Love You So Above You

As we all know, songs click into the gears of time; as the gears rotate the songs fall in the cogs and rotate with them. When we happen upon that same song moments, memories, friends and lovers who have come and gone, lost sentiments and hopes and dreams, all that that is nested in the cog is instantly recalled. Circumstances have that same power. Something as routine as walking home in the calm night, for instance, will conjure up all the cities, years and moments that you found yourself in the same situation. When you thought that the orange street lights were unique to this present moment, suddenly it reminds you of a previous walk you took alone three years ago in a city far away from the one you are currently in. Then, the sidewalk before you is no longer square cement blocks, but rather images of this or that year, this or that predicament you found yourself in at the time, or the themes of those walks that struck a chord in your life, no matter how routine they were. The German Shepherd that followed you in France, the stolen, stale white wine you took for the walk home in California, the girl you left, the light rain you took head on, the mighty tree you passed, the situations you imagined along the way, the songs you sung to yourself, the drunken and stoned visions you happened across. I find that if you do enough walking, at a certain age the walk home is no longer just a walk home; it is the elixir of memories. Similarly, at a certain point, a song ceases to be just a song, or a beat to dance to. If you play or hear it enough it becomes the walk toward the past.

Have I said it before? I tend to like any band that starts with Black... So it was just natural that I gave The Black Kids a chance. Judging from the amount of exposure they're getting on other mp3 blogs lately, they might be big stuff pretty soon, even though I don't think they've released an actual album yet. Here is my favorite on their supposed EP which I can't find anywhere.

Black Kids - Listen To Your Body Tonight

The thing about music of the 80s, in my opinion, is that one can boil it down to a select few synthesizers, themes and rhthyms. With the eighties revival still on the move, bands and musicians who know the equation of the 80s can gain quick notoriety. Miami Horror is one of those musicians, that DJ from Australia--Sydney I think--who remixed such upcoming-greats as Midnight Juggernauts and Codebreaker. He turns the newest songs into songs you are positive came out twenty years ago. This time he remixes a song by Grafton Primary, which is either one of the worst band names I've ever heard or one of the most creative names I've ever heard. Either way, this song is fantastic!

Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (Miami Horror remix)

It's an awkward way to do it, but I want to wish my good friend and business partner a happy birthday by posting one of my favorite pictures of him.

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And a pinch to grow and inch:

Mr. Miyagi - Pick Your Poison (JFK remix)

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