Friday, December 28, 2007

Man it feels great coming up on some GOOD records. Had been feeling down on my luck musically the past few weeks, actually since the last time i DJed at Delta. Definitely not as fun when familiar faces aren't around. Picked up some awesome records, a few which i had been looking for a while, which really brought my faith back into music. Found a Yaz and Midnight Star record for a buck a piece. I must say that i have become quite fond of the Ohio Post - Funk / Electric Boogaloo bands of the early 80's including P-Funk, Zapp and of course Midnight Star probably has something to do with their similarity to Chromeo i guess. Additionally came across a few awesome comps including the "Cold as Ice" comp which has some amazing tracks by Quando Quango. I aslo got my hands on a copy of straight out of compton, got the Nu Shooz "Poolside" LP, the Cybotron "Clear" EP, Debbie Deb "Lookout Weekends" EP, the Mohawks "Champ" LP and an EP by Susan Cadogan that i had been looking for quite awhile. Felt so good about these buys decided to of course to make something creative in dedication to a mentor: Giorgio Moroder, the image was stolen from his "from here to eternity" record.

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