Thursday, February 21, 2008

Check Out My Report Card

Lately, there have been a lot of posts about older music, and it's time we posted some fresh tunes. Sometimes, there are so many new tunes floating around, it's easier to resort to an older, hard-to-find song, and feel secure about posting something worthwhile. Other times, we can seek help from Australia.

We can't get away from the consistent heat pumping out of Australia. Surprise, another Modular artist. If it's not broken, why fix it? "My People" came out in December of 2007, and yes, it's been slept on. Why do The Presets get so little coverage? While I wont post an mp3 here, I encourage you listeners, I mean, ahem, *wink wink* readers, to go check out "My People" at their Myspace. If that doesn't satiate anything, give a whirl to this super neu-ravey edit by Damage.

The Presets - My People - Damage Edit

Second, believe it or not, we have another Modular representative, Muscles. We can't help but feel the irony of this post: a few days ago, Modular had requested we please take down Cut Copy's "Lights and Music," and that's understandable. Hopefully our rebuttal will be well-received. It's unfortunate we haven't written a post about Muscles, as he has already made a big splash with "Ice-Cream," a song about fearing people on trains, and ice-cream saving the day. The song infinitely complementary to taking ecstasy can be heard on his Myspace, along with "Sweaty," a song about ecstasy and sex, probably. Or download this remix by 17-year-old wonder Shazam from, you guessed it, Australia. The vocal change is refreshing.

Muscles - Sweaty - Shazam Remix


Anonymous said...

I'm a spy who's infiltrated saraswathi's computer. My findings: she doesn't read our blog.


good job disguising yourself, SPY, one who mentions "our" blog . . .