Monday, February 25, 2008

Court Mais Calme

In high school, I didn't know much about contemporary music. I was into Paul Simon, the Beatles, Bowie, Steely Dan and I knew all about them, but I longed for a band that was still around. I wanted to go to their concerts, I wanted to lose sleep because of anticipation for a new album, I wanted to cry when they broke up. Of course, I always knew the bands were out there, but I just didn't know who they were or how to find them. So, one day I was scouring the FM band, turning the dial through static and incomplete radio stations and I found her--I found Goldfrapp. I was immediately enraptured by her voice. I wanted to know everything about her. Thus, I consider Goldfrapp my personal gateway to the world of electronic music. Through her, I learned about other bands, I discovered websites that reviewed her (the first article I ever read on Pitchfork was for Felt Mountain, starting off with still one of my favorite lines ever written by one of their writers, "If you'd told me a few weeks back that I'd be lusting after some chick named Goldfrapp, I'd have told you to pack your bags for an all-expenses-paid trip to my fist.")

That was years ago and since then I've found millions of other bands, and I've outgrown Felt Mountain, moved on to and outgrown Black Cherry, and then been rather indifferent about the majority of Supernatural. I even fell in love with a girl, initially because she reminded me a little of Goldfrapp, but that's a story for another day. Well, now Goldfrapp is back with Seventh Tree. The first single "A&E" has received a lot of attention, but I personally haven't been excited about it until I heard this Maps remix. Obviously I have a personal affinity for her, but nonetheless, I think the best thing about Goldfrapp these days are the remixes.

Goldfrapp - A&E (Maps Remix)

But oh yes, the Knife! The sweet, sweet Knife. No, maybe the Knife aren't as good looking (why else would they always be hiding behind carnavalesque-bird masks?), and maybe their voices aren't as soothing. They just have that something special. The bro and sis duo must be hard at work on something because we haven't heard from them in a while. Well, I found this track today, but I hope that it's just a teaser. It's short, but it's golden.

Knife - High School Poem - [1] [2]

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Reid said...

i was playing one of the songs i got from let there here in my office and a co worker peered over my cubicle wall to let me know that she knows the guy (andy butler from hercules and love affair) and that "he's a dick." why try to harsh my buzz like that, jenny?