Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pork, Peas & Cabbage

I don't pay much attention to the Chinese zodiac calender or astrology in general for that matter, but every now and then if I'll check what year it is. Most of the time I'll find out it's the Horse or Dragon and I'll continue about my life. For the first time in my life, about a week ago I accidentally discovered that this year is the Year of the Rat. I nearly fell out of my seat--that's my year. Immediately I questioned my position: what am I doing right at this moment, what will I do today that is productive, what will be important about today? Then the internal interrogation became more broad and intense: what are you doing with your life, have you already abandoned yours hopes and dreams that you had as a child, will you just wither away like this? It was as though, prompted by this acquired knowledge about the rat, that someone inside me was terribly skeptical of who I am and what I am doing. I nearly stopped everything I was doing and broke down. Then I realized it wasn't yet the Year of the Rat.

Sufjan Stevens - Year of the Rat

Well, the Chinese New Year has happened since then and it is the Year of the Rat; I have decided that this year will be my year of destiny. This will be my pivot. And it's no surprise that I already have a path forming ahead of me leading to what I think will be the later years of my life. I don't know much where it will lead, but finally the mist has cleared and I can at least see ahead and where it disappears. I try to be positive about these things. Though the rat represents death, war and pestilence, it also means wealth, charm and order. Let's all take that to heart.

So far this year there are a few names in the dance business that you just can't avoid. That must be good for someone at least. Hot Chip is one of those names. Since releasing their newest album, Made in the Dark, Hot Chip have been getting tons of love. Even the songs that aren't on the album, including their impressively extensive remix collection (40 plus!), are in constant rotation. I think the best thing about the group is how motley they are. Maybe they have remixed so much because there is so many of them. In an age of numerous dynamic duos, they definitely stand out. Maybe they should start a commune. I'd join.

Hot Chip - Bendable Posable

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