Saturday, May 24, 2008


There's not too much we know about DVAS, aside from where they reside: Toronto, Canada. We do know we love their latest mix Passion Communication. Comprised of 80s synths played on Ferraris that are travelling 88 miles per hour so as to arrive in the future, this mix requires no fast-forwarding, no semantic mumbo-jumbo puns intended. Think of Fred Falke, or early Roulé, like DJ Falcon, maybe Crydamoure, and you'll find yourself in the ballpark that is DVAS. Said mix contains classic space-cases like FPU, Giorgio Moroder, and Jan Hammer (Music Producer for 80s Television show Miami Vice), and a song from DVAS themselves. Is anyone on the same page?

You can purchase their New EP through their Myspace. Here's a bit.

DVAS - Forever

Valerie is the biggest secret waiting to be exposed, or rather, gain more exposure. The blog always has amazing and rare music, for ardent fans of someone like John Carpenter, Moroder, or simply 80s nostalgia. Notable is also that they have the best blog post JPEGS ever. Valerie, how do you find them? The Valerie Story explains it all: "Valerie is not only a blog, but a collective composed of music artists in the west of France (The Outrunners, College, Anoraak, Minitel Rose, Maethelvin and more)."

When you have the saxaphone on board, it's all business. Official Theme to Valerie vis-a-vis their blog:

Minitel Rose - West Coast Valerie

Head over to Valerie's blog to download the DVAS mix. Don't forget to send DVAS a line and check out the excellent track Ambient Room on their Myspace. They're supposedly the Cut Copy of Canada, and that can't be bad.

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Looks like we're on the same page. pun intended.