Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saving It For A Rainy Day

I would really, really like to see more from Chateau Marmont. I really didn't pay attention to them when they seemed like flavors of the month, but I downloaded promos just in case. They're music seems to be sophisticated because of it's softness and melodical structures that differ but intertwine in their music. Right know there are two schools dominating blog house: the ravey Crookers and Bloody Beetroots stuff, or the softer yacht house of Aeroplane, Ted and Francis, etc. and Chateau Marmont may be swinging the fervor further to the latters' side.

Chateau Marmont - Maison Klaus (alt)
Chateau Marmont - Beagle (alt)

Datarock - Give It Up (Chateau Marmont Remix) (alt)

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Anonymous said...

hi! could somenone tell me who is the author of the image above. is frikin brilliant. thnx