Monday, June 22, 2009


Have been searching the interwebz for SONAR videos, and of course, for the SebastiAn live set from last friday. Suffice it to say no one has really unleashed a video that shows anything new in full, though I'm sure it will surface. It looks like it was fun regardless:

P.S. That is Busy P handing out masks on the last one...

BONUS: Boys Noize - Starter (alt) Thanks LAFriendly

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Anonymous said...

I was In Sonar and I saw Sebastian. I felt very disapointed. The new tracks are crapp, except one that was pretty amazing. Live Set????? He played one track after another without any change exactly as the original ones, Then I saw his hand spining what could be a pionner cdj. Come one dude, To do a Live like this, I prefer a dj set.