Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Love W/ The Disco Siren

Just this morning--I swear to god--I envisioned a YouTube battle, wherein the audience attends a theater performance and 15 to 20 of the most well-versed YouTube VJ's play the funniest, most interesting, most obscure YouTube videos. The competition would be arranged spelling bee/freestyle-rap style where he or she who plays a foul video gets kicked off, preferably with an elongated shepherd's staff. The one who gets the best crowd reaction would win--I would easily pay upwards of $5 for a show like that. Well, you've heard of Girl Talk, now get ready for DrewTube: the next generation of mashups.

Lovin' the ecstatic look on Ronald McDonald's face. Kickin off the show is Rupaul and Bag Raiders' "Shooting Stars." Comment with your favorite obscure YouTube clips. Thanks to Amir for the find!

Missed Connections

Damn, I didn't know Alan Braxe ripped that infectious melody on "Intro" from obscure R&B group The Jets? Has anyone already pointed this out? Check it out.

The Jets - Crush On You
(alt) (youtube) - around 2'30

Alan Braxe - Intro

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