Monday, August 17, 2009

DJs Are Heroes Too

It´s been making the rounds to nothing but amazing acclaim, so we want you to have it as well. A typical influences mix it would be if it hadn´t turned out so well. DJs like Breakbot are the reasons why I love music; they respect the musical heritage and implement that influence into their productions. What follows is the mix plus certain songs from the mix I´ve grown up with:

Lew Kirton - I Can´t Live Without You
Silver Conventions - Fly Robin Fly
The Cool Notes - My Love Is Hot
Eddie Conard - U Are Unique
BB and Q Band - Dreamer
BB and Q Band - Dream (Shep Petitbone Edit)
The O´Jays - Cry Together
Joe Walsh - Things
Journey - Don´t Stop Believing
Foxy - Lady Macho - Montreal
Index - Starlight (The Break)

Thanks to ROBOTXY for the individual songs.

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