Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saving Dark Souls With Music

Nice couple of remixes by Yuksek. The Gossip remix starts off a bit Diplo-Switchesque Major Lazer styles pace, before he just gets into it with the synths and violins. The pace of this remix indicates more mastery by Yuksek, keeping the slow parts on an even ratio with the harder electro ones.

The other remix, one of Moby´s Mistake, is in the same love-it-or-hate-it vein as Yuksek´s album, robot voices, trance influences and soft, but fast-paced synths. Less intricate than The Gossip remix, but same old Yuksek nonetheless, which isn´t necessarily a bad thing.

1 comment:

Trent Rampage said...

the yuksek remix of the gossip is definitely beter than the original by miles.