Saturday, October 4, 2008

In other worms

Personally, I don't understand the dislike for Crookers or their 'wonk' scene that is exhibited in the blog world and music forums. It's understandable that people want their music to be smart as far as structure, melody, tone, etc. but the nature of most of electro music scene is suited to clubs and to clubbers, which means noise, alcohol, and drugs, not exactly a place where you go to be intellectually stimulated. Not to mention that the wonk sound is really only suited for clubbing, so you can feel your entire body vibrate, not for a bike ride in the middle of the afternoon or for listening in your room as the rain hits your window, while your cozy in your bed or some shit. As far as the boring and bland tag they get sometimes, well, most of the time I hear something played by them, it gets people hopping, so it can't be that boring, can it?

What I'm getting to is this: ZZT is gonna release "The Worm" soon and it's closer to something Switch or Crookers might make than to ZZT's previous track, its philosophical opposite "Lower States of Consciousness". Can bad 'wonk' stuff be released? Sure, in fact it happens ALL THE TIME. But I hate the idea of disliking an artist based on reputation/sound they built up before. Instead, I choose to dislike things after I heard them. Apples and oranges, i guess.


ZZT - The Worm (Original Munich Version) (from I Love Techno 2008 mixed by Boys Noize)


Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound (Switch Remix)

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