Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thriller Nite?

The release is tittled "Thriller". And no it's not Quincy Jones' and Michael Jackson's gem of an album. It's supposed to be a pet project of a well known producer from a well known record label in the dubstep, wonk-bass genre, and I have a pair of educated guesses but the guy is trying to keep anonymous, so I'll stay true to his schpeel and keep it incognito even if one of my guesses is rite. Besides, it's not ignorance of knowing who the artist is that has to be penalized here; the real crime would be not posting this amazing song from someone I hope we hear more from. The song "Genie" is the B-side (the flip side carrying the more hip-hop sounding "BBQ") and sounds like it belongs to Biggy during his 'Juicy' days, and in my favorite ways, it reminds me of Alan Braxe's short but well lived The Paradise project.


Thriller - Genie

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