Tuesday, February 17, 2009


After a debacle as-seen-on excellent blog FuckYouOnFriday a couple of blogs decided to post this album, and well, you decide. Here's a comment from a happy fan who quickly sums up the history to MSTRKFT . . .

"What’s the fuckin deal people? Did any of you stop to think and actually hear the album? It fuckin sucks big time!!! “The looks” had some bit of creativity and has a joyfull melodic touch. This one is just distorted basslines and black dudes raping over the song…It really, really sucks…and there is no need for such commotion. Man, bottom line, FUCK MSTRKRFT or Dim Mak or whatever…If you can’t protect your work, don’t bitch about it!!!
By the way, this discussion took place yesterday i think…well, nodata.tv just posted the intire album…"

1. It Ain’t Love f. Lil Mo
2. 1000 Cigarettes (ysi)
3. Bounce f. N.O.R.E. & Isis
4. Vuvuvu
5. Heartbreaker f. John Legend
6. Fist of God
7. So Deep f. Jahmal (The Carps)
8. Click Click (ft. E-40)
9. Word Up f. Ghostface Killah
10. Breakaway ft. Jahmal from the Carps
11. 1000 Cigarettes f. Freeway

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Too Many Sebastians said...


"black dudes raping over the song…"

That was the only quote that was needed.