Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog Hate-orade

I hear that Tiga is not exactly thrilled with the blog world, too bad the blog world goes completely gaga for him. His new album Ciao! is now on super hype level omega 7, with teasers, radio rips and leaks in full force before the proper release on April 20th. The album has a lot of production work from Soulwax, as well as contributions by Jori Hulkkonen, James Murphy, Gonzales and Philippe Zdar. I like this strategy of getting a solid group of knowledgeable, proper producers to help out throughout an album; it gives the album star power and cohesion at the same time.

Ciao! Tracklist:
Beep Beep Beep (ft. Soulwax)
Mind Dimension (ft. Jori Hulkkonen)
Shoes (ft. Soulwax & Gonzales)
What You Need (ft. Soulwax, vocals: Jake Shears)
Luxury (ft. Gonzales)
Sex O’Clock (ft. James Murphy)
Overtime (ft. Soulwax)
Turn The Night On (ft. Gonzales)
Speak, Memory (with Jori Hulkkonen and Phillipe Zdar)
Gentle Giant (ft. James Murphy)
Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (ft. Soulwax) (alt)

Other goodies:

Tiga - Shoes (ft. Soulwax & Gonzales) (BBC Radio 1 Rip) (alt)
Tiga - Ciao! Teaser (alt)*
Tiga - Mind Dimension
Tiga vs. Jack Frost - Mind Shout (Tronik Youth Mix) (alt)

*Supposedly the track is Overtime


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