Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obscure to Omnipotent

The group Shadow Dancer, signed under the Boys Noize Rec. moniker, have always been personal favorites of mine, one of my first posts highlighting their characteristics as producers. Almost a year later and Shadow Dancer have finished their debut LP tittled "Golden Traxe" and are making a tour, stopping in the US for SXSW (Austin) and Hard 13 (LA). Having listened to a couple of the promotional tracks, on top of my personal blessing, I can't wait for this one to drop. Here are the goodies, some of them belonging to previous releases, some in low kbps quality, all intended to encourage a future purchase! Enjoy:

01. Poke (alt)
02. Soap
03. Infinite Lies
04. Walker
05. Golden Traxe
06. Landlines (alt)
07. Drivetime
08. What is Natural
09. Loader (alt)
10. Be Happy
11. Lower Left
12. The Bad Thing
13. This is This


Thanks to LAFriendly and Hyperbole for the promos and stream more stuff here.

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Isaac Must said...

Wow, so fucking dark... and full of punch!!!