Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In The Crosshairs

I'm not happy about what happened to FYOF. I think everyone and their mother has downloaded the Fist of God album by now, yet Dim Mak has decided that it is not done fuckin' up and making matters worse, so FYOF is now offline for good and their members will resume blogging under a new moniker. It seems to me record labels should really pick their battles. Just like Matt said, Justice's album got leaked way in advance, and everyone had it, and it still made tons of money from sales/touring/merchandise. Surely MSTRKRFT, of similar notoriety, could perhaps do something similar? Nope, they are ruined now cuz their album leaked, their lives altered forever, their facial hair no longer cool. Kidding aside, I don't wanna make it seem like it's cool to distribute music the artists don't want out there; it's not. But MSTRKRFT would never be known if it wasn't for blogs like FYOF, a blog that truly cares about music and their particular scene, and who has always acted ethically for as long as I've been a reader. But they already know that, they just choose to forget. We are like a condom, once used, to be disposed of.

I'll stop babbling. FYOF members, keep truckin'.

Neo Tokyo - Because You Left (alt)


U2 - Get On Your Boots (Crookers Remix) (320 kpbs)


matthew Feldberg said...

if your gonna post something and then write about me please have it be truthful, you want to understand the situation, i have all the emails from this person. you can write me an email

Ubbs said...

Thanks for the props!

Dim Mak did send out an email warning that anyone that chose to post it would have the law slam them.

It wasn't as if they posted it then got asked to take it down.

All in all FYOF was a pretty striving blog in terms of music, a little more commentry would have been nice.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

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