Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bombs Over Blog Land

Seems to me like Guns N' Bombs has done enough (Kitsune work, remixes for reputable artists and some outstanding, high energy mixes) to deserve a little more hype than they get. Sort of a shame that they've been confined to a secondary role while others within their genre receive all the accolades. I guess since they don't whine for themselves, we will do it for them in hopes to raise a profile that is already high enough to be recognized but is inconsistent in exposure.

Dig on some of this stuff:

Guns N' Bombs - Riddle of Steel (alt)
Guns N' Bombs - Riddle of Steel (Para One Remix) (alt)


The Teenagers - Homecoming (Guns N' Bombs 1996 XTC Remix) (alt)

Hit up the guys at their official myspace.

1 comment:

RANDOM said...

expect them to ask you to take these down.. I wanted so bad to but couldn't do it to them. tracks too good.