Monday, December 15, 2008

Scylla, Charybdis and the Archduke of Austria

The boys from Franz Ferdinand are releasing their new single Ulysses soon, and they are having a remix competition in order "be surprised by the geniuses out there that no one has heard of yet.” Though I don't doubt their good intentions, the competition will most likely turn out thousands of amateur remixes, with only one picked, and the rest done by more "official" producers, which kind of sucks for those "geniuses". Oh well, if they turn out as good as the one below, I guess I can't get too upset:

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Mickey Moonlight Remix) (alt)

Thanks to FYOF for the track.

Give some love to the boys (remixeur as well) and buy their album, releasing on 01/26/09 in the UK and on 01/27/09 in the U.S.

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