Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is birthday. It's shortly after twelve but I've been feeling the familiar but invented feeling that is inescapable during and around this time, yesterday, and will do so even more once I get some rest and wake up into a sea of formalities. Besides the birthday that even spills into this here blog, I want to post a song. If you're thinking to hard about what the lyrics mean, I will tell you you're missing the point.

Michel Polnareff - Love Me, Please Love Me (ALT) 1966


Anonymous said...

floating atop an ocean of people, and having made a sea of money. if it was your birthday as well to top it all off, you would be sailing solo. loneliest man on earth.

splatteredpaint said...

interesting comment from anonymous, is this you matt reincarnate? happy belated bday, hope you had a nice time. nice catch on the song, i love it!