Monday, December 15, 2008

Royksopp - Happy Birthday

It is a sad thing I have to think about it, trace back and reflect, but Royskopp was a romantic experience for me in college. This was approximately seven years ago. I can clearly recall the time when I went to my first "rave," whatever that means. My friend Joe had coerced me to go, with a broken ankle, into a bus with, of course, some number, probably between useless "1" and and another useless number, somewhat greater than "1," giving us little confidence, not knowing how we would get home as naive and innocent freshman in a particular part of a city that's not so inviting at night, Sacramento. The only thing that can be mentioned here, and the only thing that has any lasting semblance seeing it's made its way this far, seven years, is that on that night, from a drugged and defective someone, I received a flyer advertising and promoting a new certain duo that had just started to attract attention, Royksopp. Here we are again.

Royksopp - Happy Birthday (ALT)

Royksopp & Erlend Oye - Poor Leno - Silicon Soul Remix - There is a Light that Never Goes Out Acapella (ALT)

The as-of-yet untitled studio album is rumored to include contributions from among others Sweden’s much-hyped act Lykke Li.

Thanks a Million, OhhCrapp. You're always up on things! ;) ;)

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Kimi said...

Hey, I know this is an old post but I have been looking for that song:

Erlend ye - Ryksopp/Erlend ye - Poor Leno (Silikon Soul Remix)/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Acapella)

for months with no luck. I'm totally willing to pay for the track. Can you help me out???