Thursday, December 11, 2008

Upper Cuts, No Pun Intended

Conversation on WAVESATNIGHT

"Hmm. kind feel bad for dude. It became so clear after him and Falke seperated, who the true talent behind their tracks was. 1 decent Braxe track in the past year…20 or so amazing Falke originals/remixes. This isn’t bad by most standards but bland just like all of his solo work…Falke basically said this was the reason for splitting up."

"I know Braxe has kinda fallen off the wagon lately, but for anyone to dismiss him because you think Falke was “the true talent” behind their collaborations is downright absurd. Take a look at some of his Falke-free tracks. The Paradise’s “In Love With You,” (The Paradise is just Braxe and some dude named Romuald Louverjon), is an absolute classic. And then he’s got a host of solo remixes that are pure quality: Shakedown’s “At Night,” Annie’s “Heartbeat,” Ben Diamond’s “Let’s Get High,” Britney Spears’ “Anticipating,” John Lord Fonda’s “So Far Away,” Shakedown’s “Lonely Road,” and Space Cowboy’s “That’s What Dreams Are Made Of” are just a few of the many that I noticed as I quickly glanced down my itunes library. So show a little more respect for the man, please."

"I don’t feel it’s absurd. Let me clarify my reasoning. Braxe in undeniably a solid producer and engineer. However, the only track he has done solo that has that braxe and falke magic is the Paradise track (possibly also Anticipation chord work). All of the others have no memorable melodies, and no real progression. Annie remix is terrible btw…hardly different from the original. I am very much against people who put their name on something they didn’t create, so when I heard this implication (Triple J interview) , i immediately lost respect for Braxe, and the past year has done nothing to contradict that implication. Braxe is indeed a talent, but Falke has had 10 or so “absolute classics” in the past year alone…"

The Paradise - In Love With You (ALT)

Keith - Mona Lisa's Child - Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix (ALT)

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Rubicon (ALT)


Ning said...

I wrote the middle post there, and I'd be curious to hear others' opinions on this matter.

I think it's also worth bringing up Braxe's significant contributions to house music through his label, Vulture Music. It released such epics as Lifelike & Kris Menace's "Discopolis," Braxe & Menace's Lumberjack (another wonderful Falke-free song), and everything on The Upper Cuts. And let's not forget that Braxe was a member of Stardust, for god's sake. So while I completely agree that most of his recent output is shit, my point is that he's done enough in the past to deserve lasting acclaim. And who knows, Mr. Quême may return to form one of these days. I mean, it wasn't that long ago that a lot of folks had written off Daft Punk after Human After All came out.

And I also completely agree Falke has taken dance music to new heights lately. The "Golden Cage" and "Back of the Van" remixes are just a couple of the disgustingly good songs he made this year. I think it's pretty obvious that Falke (and Lifelike) have really pulled away from the pack as far as French house goes. But Falke, just like Braxe, has had his fair share of misses. For example, "Last Wave" (and everything else on Music For My Friends, other than "8:08pm @ The Beach"), is just as uninspiring and annoying as "Addicted." So, again, let's not all completely give up on Braxe yet.

splatteredpaint said...

I'm pretty biased in favor of Braxe but I will add this to the discussion: Braxe's remix of Bossy by Kelis and of Alarm Call by Bjork are arguably some of the best remixes ever heard--and those are the facts. So while he's seen better days I have my fingers crossed that they aren't his last. said...

All I want to say is that even savage deserves more props than Braxe. Possibly even more than Fred. And Braxe, honestly the kid can't even DJ.

Penningtron said...

That Bossy remix is amazing but Falke was on board for that one as well. I think anything I'd say has already been said. Braxe has had some fantastic moments in the past. The way he chooses to collaborate with folks on almost every release really makes me question whether he's made a career off of riding on amazing coattails. I certainly hope it's not the case, and he'll put out something in 2009 that will solidify him, but it looks a little iffy right now.

If nothing else though, you can look at their respective solo material. Falke's isn't bad, but neither is as good as their brilliant work together.