Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It's what these songs do (it's what i don't, wink wink). Repetitive, monotone and non-improv but so what? The only thing that makes the following songs catchy as hell is to keep a steady hand and drive the beat forward so that the melodies and hooks can make our heads bop.

Charlie Fanclub is known for his D.A.N.C.E. remix as well as a couple others for Surkin and Stardust. This particular song comes from his new Nightbreed EP and it's bangin' throughout, well worth a couple good listens to the tittle tracks, which are blasts of funky house music in the vein of Louis La Roche with some Boys Noize character in the melody, as well as several of those trance horns that are a bit fresher now than they used to be back in the day. My favorite one below:

Charlie Fanclub - Nightbreed Part 1


This other song is in the same vein and has had me enthralled ever since I first came across it. Cicada is a staple in the house scene since their debut self-tittled, and they sound a little bit like the girl-led vocalist 80s revival groups that have come into prominence in the indie scene. In this particular remix, Moulinex (of DISCOTEXAS fame) cuts out all the lyrics except the "again and again and again part" and it works wonders. I had this song on my head for two days thinking I would never hear it again, and it just so happens I had uploaded onto my mp3. Go figure:

Cicada - Falling Rockets (Moulinex Dub)

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again , and again, and again, and again

Archie said...

It's not a Dub remix, it's Vocal Remix.